Bad Boys (1995)


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wonderwall on We Heart It.
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This is a dope mashup by this ensemble. Took me back to my childhood lol

Mashup by: Ensemble ACJW

A rush..

The warm blood coursing through these veins..
Hair standing up..

Endless daydreams of your lips..

Firmly palming your cheeks..

Bringing you in close as we gaze deeply in our souls drunk with a wild roaring flame of desire for each other..
Caressing your soft skin as our lips intertwine passionately..
Your slow grinding against me..
I hear your soft moans in your kisses as you feel my hardness rubbing against you and how good my hands feel massaging your ass..
You smile as I squeeze, slap, caress it..
Hm, how could I resist?
Bring them here, those soft sexy lips..



sheesh..the wife
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Canvas  by  andbamnan